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We are living in the era of networks and networkers. com4green is more than just a network. we are caring and protecting our environment and work under the standards of ISO 14.001.  Every kind of regional work needs the view from the top in a global world. Every small and multi-national client needs global knowledge and a global system. The resources of our planet are not unlimited and so it is our duty to develop energy saving processes for our logistics. Try us and feel the comfort and confidence of our experts.


  • We are a group of high-performance logistic companies in a dedicated business.
  • Our offer includes all internationally important issues and a 24/7 service.
  • All transportation solutions as well as the storage and installation are effected by local on-site employees under environmentally friendly aspects.
  • The com4green group offers worldwide services.
  • All members of the com4green group are selected partners with local knowledge.

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